2018 Women's Golf
2018 Women's Golf Coaches
Lorne Oke Image
Lorne Oke
Head Coach- 2nd Season

Lorne Oke not only continues as the women's coach this year but has been promoted to Director of Golf for Indiana Wesleyan University.  "The director role is one that is becoming more common at the college level and I'm excited to continue to bring a high level of expectation and effort to both the men's and women's teams" Oke stated. In collaboration with Athletic Director Mark DeMichael, the program has shifted from two head coaches to a Director and Assistant Director.

Oke started his college golf coaching career in 1993 in northern Indiana at Bethel College.  He spent six years as the men's head coach there before resigning because of family and administrative duties, only to start a women's program in 2001.  

He then came to IWU as an administrator in 2007, only to step back into the coaching realm first with women's volleyball, and now with golf.  "My family is in a very different time of life now" mentioned Oke.  "My kids are grown, and my schedule is more flexible.  My wife and I are really enjoying being back in ministry as we work with and encourage these athletes."

This spring the women's team finished second at the conference tournament, it's highest ever since it began just five years ago. "We were really pleased with the effort down the stretch and the Crossroads League tournament finish. To be only 4 shots away from going to the national tournament was a great acheivement for the ladies and confirms the positive results of the effort that they've been making. We're really looking forward to coming back in the fall and competing at that level."

Coach Oke and his wife Debbie are both members of the Bethel College Athletic Hall of Fame.  They had four children who are now three adult women, two of which are married, and one son that will attend IWU this fall.



Keith Ruberg Image
Keith Ruberg
Assistant Coach- 1st Season

After 12 seasons as the men's tennis coach, Keith Ruberg moves over to golf for the wildcats to work as the assistant director of the men's and women's teams.  Those who know Coach Ruberg are not surprised by this because of his extensive golf experience both playing and coaching at a variety of levels.

Coach stated “we’re really fortunate to add Keith to our coaching staff.  His extensive experience working with college athletes and his knowledge of the game of golf as a scratch golfer make him a great addition to our team."

Besides coaching at IWU, Ruberg works for Renbarger Insurance as a commercial agent.