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Outdoor Track
In 1995, Indiana Wesleyan unveiled its new nine-lane track and field outdoor facility. IWU worked hand-in-hand with the Mondo Corporation to build the state of the art facility that we have today. Mondo surface is unquestionably the surface favored most by athletes, coaches and organizers throughout the world. The last fiveOlympic Games (Athens, Sydney, Atlanta, Barcelona and Beijing) have been run on a Mondo surface.

In comparison to other colleges and universities, Indiana Wesleyan's track and field facility is superior. Very few universities of any size have anything that compares to the Indiana Wesleyan track. IWU's facility was built strictly for track & field and it is not shared with any other sport. The outdoor facility is ideal for spectator viewing of all running and field events.

Another added feature to the complex is the timing system that Indiana Wesleyan uses. IWU is fortunate to time all races with the Finish Lynx timing system which is used at all major collegiate, national, and international track & field competitions. In addition to our timing system, we have also added a Daktronics scoreboard that interfaces directly with the Finish Lynx system to provide instant results from a race.

Indiana Wesleyan's outdoor track facility is exclusively outfitted with track & field equipment made by UCS, Inc. UCS has outfitted four Olympic Games as well being the official supplier of equipment to the indoor and outdoor NCAA National Championships.