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Camp Date:       Holiday Camp
                             December 29-30, 2014
  Contact:            Chad Newhard
  Information:      Brochure



 Men's Basketball

Camp Date:       TBA
  Contact:            Jeff Clark
  Information:      Website -


 Women's Basketball

  Camp Date:        TBA
  Contact:             Brent Bellinger


 Men's Soccer

  Camp Date:        ID and Evaluation Camp
                              January 10, 2015

  Contact:             Zach Hammon
  Information:       Brochure and Registration Form


 Women's Soccer

  Camp Date:       Women's Soccer ID Camp
                             January 10, 2015
  Contact:            Tim Strader
  Information:      Website -



  Camp Dates:     IWU Softball Recruit Weekend
                             January 16-17, 2015
  Contact:            Steve Babinski
  Information:      Brochure



 Men's / Women's Tennis

  Camp Date:       TBA
  Contact:            Terry Porter




  Camp Date:       TBA
  Contact:            Candace Moats
  Information:      Brochure
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